-ISH Collection

© De Allegri and Fogale 2016

Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri launch their first time collaboration with -ISH, a collection of

sustainable products and furniture pieces.

‘-ISH’ explores the perception of materials and their properties.

A collection of pieces emphasising the illusion and beauty of stone-like

materials entirely made from recycled and reclaimed post-industrial waste. The pieces showcase the common interest of the designers in sustainable sources and new aesthetics.

‘We are interested to work with materials that help preserve our environment with elegance and cleverness. Our challenge is to design furniture and accessories around those materials trying to push the boundaries of each of them. We also love the poetic aspect that is behind this materials and their traditional source of inspiration’.

The pieces are producce from a sustainable composites using biobased components blended with recycled and reclaimed materials like post-consumer and post-industrial denim and cotton scrap and a material that resembles stone, but is made from recycled and reclaimed sources of paper-laminate. Every piece is unique.