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Airbnb X Ambra Medda: ‘Makers & Bakers’ Salone del Mobile 2016.


Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, presents Makers & Bakers at Ristorante Marta in Spazio Rossana Orlandi for the 2016 edition of Salone del Mobile. Created in collaboration with Curator Ambra Medda, the installation evokes a sensory experience for guests around the notion of the shared table. Makers & Bakers also provided a platform for global designers to create and show work, demonstrating Airbnb’s ongoing commitment to championing emerging talent.


During the week, Ristorante Marta was transformed by Makers & Bakers. Ambra Medda teamed up with New Zealand-based interior designer Katie Lockhart to create a place of discovery, where visitors could immerse themselves in work from 25 creatives hailing from 14 countries, including the USA, Japan, Serbia, Botswana, Uruguay and Denmark. The designers showcased products that enhance our most communal experience: a meal. The moments we gather together to break bread spark great conversation, enable connection, and introduce us to new and authentic experiences.


In response to the brief for a hand-powered pepper grinder, we found inspiration in the traditional stone mill grinders and re-imagined this archaic way of grinding spices and flour. Using a combination of sustainable stones sourced from Stonecycling and hand-crafted marble stones from Portugal by Mophis.


In addition, we hand-crafted in our workshop a set of bread boards. Inspired from the Japanese technique of charred wood Shou Sugi Ban, we experimented with burning Maple wood and finish it with natural oil and wax. Also included in the set a pair of hand-hammered brass cups for oil, salt, pepper or olives, and some nice handmade organic cotton bags.