COS Fashion Week Window Collaboration


London-based industrial designers Laetitia de Allegri & Matteo Fogale have worked with COS to design their windows to celebrate fashion week. Being showcased in London, New York, Paris and

Milan, the windows will be on display for two weeks and have been created using the sustainable materials Denimite, Marblus and metal, juxtaposed with COS product.

The installations display key denim and Denimite elements from the COS SS16 collections suspended from Laetitia & Matteo’s curved metal Denimite and Marblus structures. The windows illustrate how both COS and the design worlds interpret materials differently through their own unique disciplines; both creating clean, modern and timeless results. Laetitia and Matteo’s work was part of the inspiration behind the COS SS16 collections, through a reworked take on classic renowned design. The windows acknowledge how denim, a classic and iconic material has been recreated into new functions, especially encouraging the use of recycled and sustainable materials.

Denimite/ Marblus is created through compressing recycled and repurposed denim/ cotton fibres into its final lightweight, yet durable stone-like new form.


COS will launch each window on the following dates in the following COS stores:


08.02.2016: COS, 129 Spring Street, New York, United States

17.02.2016: COS, 222 Regent Street, London, United Kingdom

22.02.2016: COS, 5 Corso Vercelli, Milan, Italy

29.02.2016: COS, 3 Rue de Grenelle, Paris, France



© De Allegri and Fogale 2016