M.i.h Jeans

M.i.h Jeans spatial identity 2015/16


In line with the launch of M.i.h Jeans rebrand for Spring/Summer 2016, M.i.h have collaborated with award winning designers Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale to design a bespoke spatial identity for their global shopfits.

Taking M.i.h's 70s heritage, free spirit and modernity, the designers have created an experience that feels nostalgic and familiar with an unconventional contemporary coolness.

Asymetric shapes mix with organic forms in a mixture of traditional and innovate materials.

Wood and brass are combined with recycled textiles and plastics.

Reinventing the ordinary: repurposed denim, resinated yogurt pots and hand-painted effects on traditional plaster inject playfulness, colour and texture.

'We were drawn to the fressness and lightness of M.i.h, their history and their ability to make the classic feel modern. This is what we wanted to express with our designs. The pieces are timless; they look back at the past and reinterpret it in a contemporary, unique way.'


© De Allegri and Fogale 2016